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The moment you’ve all been waiting for like the drooling meme junkies that you are is here! We’ve added the first page of House of Bile memes, go have a look through and share till your hearts content! Offend your elderly relatives, religious friends or just enjoy it for yourselves!

Check it out here: House of Bile memes

Don’t forget to keep checking back on for your regular meme fix!


Just testing some image software :) once we sort this out we can upload a shit tonne (official measurement term) of your fave memes!

This means that you'll be able to use this site as your own personal meme stash and share it anywhere you want!


Ok, we’ve started to get this thing going. What is it all about you ask? Well the House of Bile is a most outstanding facebook group, that seems to be in constant danger of being shut down. If you know this page is here you can visit this page and in the event of the page being shutdown you can just come right back here ad you will know where to find the next one!

We’re also going to link some cool shit through here, including horror and metal stuff that we know you cats are going to dig!

You may even be able to buy some original designs by the man himself, Rex!

Anyway keep checking back here as regularly as you can and see how the site evolves and have a great time with us!

Hello Cunts!!!

“Cunt” is an Australian word for friend. It is similar to “Mate”. If you have landed here you are one of our “Cunts”. We’ve only just started the site a few short minutes ago so its still a bit bare. Keep checking back when you can and we’ll get this mutha rockin’ like no-ones business!

And as always keep checking back on for all your sick perverted needs!